Nigeria, Abuja Store 16, MKK Plaza, 22 I.T Igbani Street, Jabi
Monday - Friday 9.30AM - 5.00PM

Our products are not your ordinary and regular off the shelf skin care products. The Nature’s Bar Co is on a mission to provide safe and natural skincare products to our customers. We are committed to creating natural high performance organic products for a heathy skin, healthy customer and healthy environment.

Quality: we handcraft all of our products in small batches to ensure quality, consistency, freshness and perfection. That way we provide nourishing products for your skin and hair.

Natural Recipes: our recipes are designed using knowledge from research and ingredients from nature. We use natural ingredients – herbs, vegetables, fruits, flowers, carrier oils, butters and pure essential oils to create fresh wholesome products that will nourish your skin. Our ingredients are all natural. Nothing artificial or synthetic is added to our products.

Customer Service: We are big on customer service and feedback. We aim to listen and respond to every customer comment or question with well-researched and constructive answers. Our customers have easy access to us via email, social media and telephone to answer questions about our products.

Clean & Green: our products are biodegradable and minimally packaged with recycled and recyclable materials.

Value: our product prices per ounce are one of the lowest in the market. While profit is important in order to carry out our business, it is not what drives our passion.